2011. április 8., péntek

I can't believe this..

Could I have to do that more? To love him more? To picture that I really LOVE him?! Caus when I do 'these things' he seems to be love me... But is that logical? I don't think so.. He said that he didn't love me at all.
I think that music lyrics say more than every worlds...:

" And everyone's looking aound thinksin' I'm going crazy, 
.But I don't care what they say, 
I'm in love with you,
They try to pull me away,
But they don't know the truth,
My heart crippled by the vein,
That I keep on closing,
You cut me open and I
Keep bleeding, I  keep, keep bleeding in love..."

" How did I get there,
I turned around and there you were,
I didn't think twice, cause somehow I know:
That there was more than just chemistry, 
I mean I know you were kind of into me,
But I figure is too good to be true... 
...They say that good things take time,
But really great things happen in a blink of an eye,
Thought the chanses to meet somebody like you 
Were a million to one,
I can't believe it..
You're one in a million...."

I think is enough for this entry. 

Tomorrow--> traincamp...--> Hope it will be right.

It"s the end. Good night, have beautiful dreams about love.:)

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